How can you support National Entrepreneurs’ Day in Congress?

Congress hears us best when we speak in one broad, loud, concentrated voice. Broad means we generate votes in as many Congressional districts as possible. Loud means we hit our target for 50,000 votes. And concentrated means we funnel those messages into Congress during one limited period of time.

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Be a part of history. Help create an official National Entrepreneurs’ Day by asking congress to pass H. Res. 511. #VoteForNed

What is National Entrepreneurs' Day?

We're a country made of entrepreneurs. Men and women who built something from nothing. Created jobs. Made America what it is today. Our present was built by them. Unfortunately, for the first time in 35 years fewer new businesses are being born than are dying. And, even though 43% of all kids in 5th through 12th grade say they want to be an entrepreneur some day, only 7% say they had an experience (a mentor, an internship, or a job) to help them get there. Isn’t it time we honor our entrepreneurs and help aspiring entrepreneurs succeed?” 

National Entrepreneurs' Day celebrates the entrepreneurs who are the foundation of our country. House Resolution 401 aims to make the third Tuesday of every November National Entrepreneurs' Day. We hope to have a bipartisan Senate resolution introduced this year. If the Senate and House both approve resolutions, it will become an official U.S. holiday 

What's been done so far?

National Entrepreneurs’ Day was [started in 2010] by David Hauser and Siamak Taghaddos, co-founders of Grasshopper, the entrepreneur’s phone system, and Amir Tehrani, entrepreneur and co-founder of The Legacy Foundation. To date it's been a Presidential Proclamation every year, supported by the President. Now it's time to make it an official Day. 

Read the full resolution of H.Res 511

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